CZ P-09 Slide Milling for Holosun 407C/507C/508T

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Lead time is one (1) week after slide is received for orders require shipping.


Milling service for mounting Holosun 407C/507C/508T sight to the slide.

I machine to the nominal dimension, then enlarge the front/back wall 0.0005" at a time until the red dot just fit in. This means you are required to ship the RMR you plan to use along with sending in the slide.

You may send in the complete or stripped slide. Rear sight, if present, will be removed if you choose "remove rear sight" option and return to you with the slide.

Upon ordering, instruction will be provided for you to mail in the slide. Customer is responsible for shipping the slide in.

Price includes return shipping after milling.


Design considerations

  • There are no "post" for the screw holes protruding from the surface.
    • While it can increase thread engadgement length, it's achieved at the cost of a smaller diameter screw. It is our opinion that there are enough thread engadgement as-is without the post, and the trade off isn't worth it.
    • The "post" also cannot be used to locate the sight on X/Y plane, as the sight would be overconstrained.
    • The mounting screws are therefore used to constrain the sight only on the Z direction.
  • The front locating pins are diamond-shaped, this is again to not overstrain the sight. The inner, two opposing face of the posts are used to constrain the sight on Y direction (along the bore).
  • The front and back walls are used to constrain the sight on the X direction.