Witness Mark on Trijicon RMR

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Rear sight delete is a popular option nowadays when it comes to slide milling for red dot. With this service, I will mill a witeness mark on the center-back of the Trijicon RMR to serve as the rear sight.

Pictured is a Glock 19 with rear sight delete and the red dot zeroed. The front sight is 0.315" tall, and when you put the front sight on top of the witeness mark, with the dot right on top of the bottom edge of the window, it's point of aim will be exactly the same as the red dot, should the dot malfunction and you need to use the front iron.


Disclaimer: Due to the variation of the slide/barrel, there may be a slight misalignment between the iron sights and the red dot, the amount of misalignment is neligable in practical scenarios. The witness mark will always be centered on the back of the RMR, but it is possible to rotate the front sight very slightly to achive better alighment.


Walk-in available for Seattle-area customers

I offer walk-in appointment at my shop is located near Duvall, WA. The milling process takes about 10-minutes, and can we wait for the machine to do its thing and chat about guns.

After you placed the order, please use this link to select a time slot to make the appointment.