ARCA Rail for Hensoldt Spotter 45/60

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ARCA-style rail for mounting to the bottom of Hensoldt Spotter 45/60 spotting scope.

Unlike many ARCA-style accessories with the side profile machined using 90° included angle chamfer mill, it is machined using 45° dovetail cutter. It's more difficult and slow to machine, but true to the spec.


Machined in the USA out of US made 6061-T6 aluminum. One mounting screws (3/8") included for stronger connection without the use of 3/8-to-1/4 reducer. The plate also incooperate anti-rotation pin (5mm diameter, 14mm center to center from mounting screw).


Three finishes are available:

  • As machined: just how it came out of the machine.
  • Blasted: blasted with 100 grit aluminum oxide, the recommended preparation for Cerakote.
  • Anodized: black anodized that's ready to use.

Aluminum is soft without surface treatment, it is recommended to anodize or coat the rail before use.


Price is per bottom rail.