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Measuring Scope For Custom Cover

Oct 24th 2023

To purchase a customized scope cover, three measurements are required.

1. Scope outer diameter
This is the most critical dimension. Take multiple measurement using a caliper. Most calipers' jaws are not long enough to take measurement at common scope diameter from the side, so you will have to position the caliper at an angle. To ensure squareness, rest the body of the caliper against the front of the scope at two points. Then, adjust the jaw to measure the diameter at the center of the scope.

2. Straight section length
Next, measure the length of the straight section of the scope.

3. Gap between optics and picatinny rail
Lastly, measure the gap between the scope and picatinny rail. You can use either the inside jaw on your caliper, or insert a stack of cards and measure the thickness of the cards.