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Grip Reduction Beavertail Spacer For Glock 48/43X

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Designed for shooters with small hands who struggle to achieve a proper grip with Glock 48/43X. 

NOT compitible with Glock 43.



How can adding a spacer reduce the grip size?

Proper shooting technique requires holding the pistol as high as possible, with the web between thumb and index fingers of the shooting hand pressed against the beavertail to manage recoil. However, individuals with small hands often face challenges when trying to do this with a Glock pistol:

  • Increased effective trigger distance, makeing it difficult to reach and operate the trigger
  • An excessive forward twist in the wrist of the support hand
  • Gripping the pistol lower, creating a gap between the beavertail and the shooting hand, leading to limp wrist and malfunctions

For double-stack Glocks, there are available backstraps that increase grip circumferences or add a more pronounced beavertail for people with large hand, but we're looking to achieve quite the opposite effect:

The spacer fills the area directly below the beavertail, allowingfor a slightly lower grip with a shallower wrist angle, resulting smaller effective grip size. Check out photos below for reference.

  • Inside of the spacer is modeled off precisioned 3D scanned Glock frame
  • Made on state-of-art selective laser sintering (SLS) machine with Nylon 12 powder and dyed black.
  • Proudly made in the United States and covered by a lifetime warranty.

What's included

  • 1x spacer for Glock 48/43x
  • 1x stainless stell trigger housing pin
  • 2x 3M VHB tape (an extra one just in case)


Installation video available at:

  • Unload the firearm and confirm visually and physically that it's unloaded
  • Remove the slide from the frame
  • Test fit the spacer
    • Install the bottom of the spacer first near the trigger housing pin
    • Rotate the top of the spacer towards the frame to snap it in place
  • Remove the trigger housing pin
    • Store the factory plastic pin in a safe place should you need to uninstall the spacer in the future
  • Clean the rear of the frame with isopropyl alcohol to remove any oil, dirt, and other contanminate, let it dry
  • Apply the 3M VHB tape to the frame
    • Start from the top of the beavertail, remove a small portion of the yellow side backing paper, don't remove all the backing paper at once
    • Work your way towards the bottom of the frame, focusing on the centerline
    • Push the side of the tape towards the frame, the clear plastic backing should lift away from the tape by itself
    • Once the tape has full contact with the frame, slowly remove the plastic backing completely
  • Install the spacer
    • Just like the test fit, install the spacer from the bottom near the trigger housing pin
    • Quickly rotate the top of the spacer towards the frame to snap it in place
    • Press the spacer firmly into the frame for 15 seconds to activate the presure sentitive adhsive
  • Replace the trigger housing pin with the provided stainless steel pin

Permanent install

It is possible to permanently install the spacer, though it's strongly recommended that you test fit/fire the pistol following the reversible installation first.

Instead of using the provided 3M VHB adhesive tape, use two-part epxoy to bond the spacer to the frame instead. Since the spacer is made of Nylon, similar to that of the Glock frame, it's possible to stripple the frame and the spacer once bonded for a more uniformed fit/look.


  • Remove the stainless stell trigger housing pin
  • Carefully push the top of the spacer rearwards, in reverse of the installation direction
  • Remove left over adhesive
  • Reinstall the factory plastic trigger housing pin