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Glock Slide Milling for Trijicon RMRcc

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Lead time is one (1) week after slide is received for orders require shipping.


Milling service for mounting Trijicon RMRcc sight to the slide.

I machine to the nominal RMRcc dimension, then enlarge the front/back wall 0.0005" at a time until your specific red dot just fit in, then enlarge by 0.0005"-0.001" to for Cerakote clearance. This means you are required to ship the red dot you plan to use along with sending in the slide.

You may send in the complete or stripped slide. Rear sight, if present, will be removed if you choose "remove rear sight" option and return to you with the slide.

Upon ordering, instruction will be provided for you to mail in the slide. Customer is responsible for shipping the slide in.

Price includes return shipping after milling.


Design considerations / Why I do differently than others

Available on double/wide double stacked Glock models, except MOS models, G17L, G41, G44.

Available for single stack models such as G21, G43, G43X, G48, but only available with rear iron sight removed.


Design considerations / Why I do differently than others

  • The left screw post is rounded, and the right screw post is diamond-shaped. The two locating features together fully constrain the red dot on the slide along X/Y plane.
  • The two screws locates the red dot on the slide along Z plane.
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