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Scope Objective Lens Cover

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Made to order, lead time is about 1 week.


A reimagined scope objective lens cover.


There are many scope covers available on the market, most snaps open/close with a spring to provide tension.


This cover took a different approach - A shock (bungee) cord is used to keep the cover secure in the open position, and additional magnets to keep the cap secured at the close position. Easy, one-hand operation without needing to "snap" anything open/close. Folds completely flat when opened.


Printed using selective laser sintering (SLA) machine using Nylon 12 powder, supplied with stainless steel pins, screws, nuts, and 1/8 shock cord.


Choose from common sizes, or provide your custom measurement (learn more about what/how to measure). Can't/don't want to measure? Contact me to explore other options as I may be able to look them up, or shipping the optics to/purchase an optics from me.


Available in grey, black, or tan.